Specialist High Tech and Medical Engineering Recruitment


Specialist Engineering Recruitment with particular focus on
High Tech and Medical Engineering
and current growth into the Medical Scientific Sector

We have a successful track record of supplying both qualified staff to Engineering firms throughout the UK and the skills to understand your requirements and take the time to provide the right candidate for the right position.

Our recruiters are degree qualified engineers with career experience in contract and permanent engineering.
We have an ever growing database of specialist qualified engineers working throughout the UK and beyond.

Simon Butler is a qualified mechanical engineer with a degree in Mech Eng from Nottingham University and a background in both the high-tech engineering industry and SME’s (small to medium enterprises), having worked as a Research Engineer and Technical Manager in both contract and permanent employment.

More recently Simon has worked for over 10 years in Technical Recruitment, building successful relationships with firms in the above sectors throughout the UK and supplying over 100 firms with staff for interview and placement. He has particular expertise in supplying staff to the Medical Devices industry and forging links with entrepreneurial engineering companies.

Dr Rob Pilbrow has a first degree and PhD in Engineering from Bath University and experience as an aerospace engineer with Rolls-Royce and in academic research. His experience and expertise are particularly appropriate to his specialization of working with Engineering Design consultancies, SME’s and companies developing new engineering technology.


Specialist Engineering Recruitment with particular focus on
High Tech and Medical Engineering
and current growth into the Medical Scientific Sector

Examples of our work

  • Medical Engineering – a young graduate returning to the UK from Australia interested a number of Medical Devices companies and was snapped up by an East Anglia based entrepreneurial firm on the basis of her excellent personal qualities and degree project work.
  • Engineering Design Consultancies – one of the UK’s premier Consultancies complimented Rob that he was the only recruiter who fully appreciated their stringent requirements for staff.
  • Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) – an experienced Engineering Manager who applied for a senior development position was cross referenced to a leading SME to fill a “difficult to source” Project Manager position.
  • Entrepreneurial Firms and New Technology – three candidates submitted and three requests for interview from this entrepreneurial company spun out from one of the UK’s leading Universities.
  • A consultant to medical devices start-ups commented on Simon’s work “You have a reputation of being a recruiter who properly listens to a brief and finds the right individual.”
  • The winner of the Best Emerging UK Medtech Company invited Simon to source a highly-qualified Development Scientist resulting in a successful placement.


Full Terms and Conditions are available for both Permanent and Contract Staff covering the following areas:

For Permanent Staff

  1. Company Details
  2. Payment Terms
  3. The Fee payable
  4. Unexpected Termination and Re-employment
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Indirect introductions
  7. Suitability of applicants
  8. Liability
  9. Variations

For Temporary Workers

  1. Definitions
  2. The Contract
  3. Confirmation of Assignments
  4. Timesheets
  5. Charges
  6. Remuneration
  7. Liability
  8. Compensatlon Fees
  9. Termination of the Assignment


We have expertise in supplying contract and permanent staff to the following sectors:


• Medical Engineering

• High Tech (Design Consultancies, Small to medium enterprises, Entrepreneurial Firms and New Technology)

• Current growth into the Medical Scientific Sector

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SJB Technical Recruitment Ltd.
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Tel: 0845 644 0737
Email: info@sjbtechnical.co.uk

Simon email: simon@sjbtechnical.co.uk
Simon mobile: 07957 590 893

Rob email: mail@sjbtechnical.co.uk
Rob mobile: 07734 681 426


A successful track record of supplying both qualified staff to engineering firms throughout the UK.

0845 644 0737 • info@sjbtechnical.co.uk


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